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Health Checks

Health checks are a great way to look after your staff and keep business healthy. We have a range of options available to suit all company sizes and budgets and are always happy to tailor a bespoke service to suit your needs.

All our checks are delivered by qualified and experienced health@work consultants. All test results are fully explained and staff receive information sheets and signposting information.

Following the checks we produce a report for the organisation providing anonymised data on results and trends to help monitor staff wellbeing and plan effectively.

Advise your staff and guide your business

All of our health checks are delivered by fully trained health@work Consultants, qualified in Physical Activity, Nutrition, Sports Massage Therapy, Stress Management, NLP and CBT, Alcohol Harm Reduction and Smoking Cessation with a decade of experience supporting clients to make healthy lifestyle changes.

We will provide a post health check report for the organisation identifying average results, any themes and trends arising from results and discussions. This report will not identify any individuals in any way order for personal test results to remain fully confidential – only averages will be included.

Deliver a range of health check options

Drop In Session Brief Interventions Full MOT
Basic checks for a large number of staff in a short space of time Pre-booked, 10 minute individual appointments Pre-booked, 15 minute individual appointments
Weight Check
Blood Pressure
Holmes & Rahe Stress Test
Information Sheets to Take Away
  Body Fat % Test
  Alcohol Audit (results not included in reports)
    Cholesterol Blood Test
    Lung Function Peak Flow Test
Options Available Options Available Options Available
90 minute session catering for up to 20 staff 6 staff per hour for 10 minute appointments 4 staff per hour for 15 minute pappointments
3.5 hours half day session catering for up to 50 staff Minimum delivery 2 hours / 12 staff Minimum delivery 3 hours / 12 staff
Full day event catering for up to 100 staff Up to 40 checks delivered in one working day Up to 26 checks delviered in one working day
3.5 hour half day event with 2 consultants catering for up to 100 staff    

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